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Client: Balfour Beatty PLC.

The A1/M1 DBFO is a strategic motor way link between the M1 / M62 motorways to the south of Leeds and the A1 Trunk Road, south of Wetherby. ATM has been delivering all soft estate maintenance works on this 40 Km stretch of road for the last 14 years. Services include verge mowing, visibility splays and aesthetic grass cutting, along with wildflower cut and collecting, weed control, planned and reactive tree work, and reactive fencing.


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Fencing & Access Works

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Vegetation Management

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ATM works collaboratively with Balfour Beatty and the other service providers to proactively identify efficiencies and innovative ways to deliver the core work activities. This can be as simple as agreeing and adopting the most efficient running order of the operations and co-ordinating synergies in the various delivery streams to the mutual benefit of all parties. An effective and appropriate cyclical maintenance programme has been developed over many years to allow the client to avoid costly reactive works and provide an aesthetically pleasing and tidy network throughout the year.