Over our 40 years, Environmental and Ecological considerations have become ever more important in the built environment and in the delivery of our core services. We have ensured our capability and our systems have similarly grown and developed to compliment client requirements.

Vegetation Surveys

Comprehensive vegetation surveys provided by our experienced ecology / vegetation management teams. Tree surveys, vegetation surveys, invasive weed surveys and data presentations are complimented by our ability to specify, administer and execute associated treatment programmes / removal programmes, maintenance regimes and measures for enhancement / improvement.

Ecological Monitoring and Watching Briefs

Our inhouse ecology team and ecology partners support our operations and our clients in the monitoring and management of protected species, designated sites and ecologically / environmentally sensitive flora, fauna and habitat. A proactive approach to ecological / environmental considerations and control ensures sensitive and appropriate delivery of our operations.

Ecological Mitigation / Construction

ATM offers construction and installation of a wide range of ecological enhancements and mitigation including refugia, hibernacula, bat and bird boxes, false earths and otter holts.

Award winning ecology team

ATM's inhouse ecology team is available to provide effective solutions to your ecology requirements. We able to use our wide experience and skills to offer practical and effective solutions to mitigate environmental impacts on the landscape and flora and fauna within it. Habitat creation and translocation, amphibian, reptile and mammal exclusion/collection/relocation, bird and bat exclusion systems, vegetation management – including Japanese Knotweed control, pond and watercourse creation and management as well as wildflower and reedbed creation and management

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