Vegetation Management

From Site Clearance and Watercourse / Waterbody Management to Arboriculture and Invasive Weeds, ATM offers a full range of vegetation management solutions to a diverse client base across the UK.


ATM is an industry leader in vegetation clearance, for construction projects, rail safety, forest re-stocking and vegetation control. Few companies can boast access to the range of specialist machinery available at ATM for the efficient and safe execution of the most challenging of projects.


Veteran and young trees can require work at any stage. On the grounds of safety, poor health or proactive ongoing management, particularly when this is in urban, parkland, highway or accessible environments and public safety is of paramount concern. Arboricultural works require a skilled, sensitive and measured approach which can be provided by the experienced management and operational staff at ATM.


The management of trees and/or woodlands can fulfil a multitude of objectives including timber production, land reclamation, recreation, wildlife habitat or shelter. ATM adminsters all aspects of woodland management, from assistance with grant applications to felling, replanting, establishment and maintenance. Our clients include private landowners, utility companies and government organisations with anything from one to several thousand hectares of woodland.


ATM offers holistic and site specific maintenance solutions for residential, commercial and industrial green space, as well as soft estate on our infrastructure. Long term regimes or short term remediation / improvements can be specified / priced by our experienced estimating team and executed by our regional operations teams.


Invasive weed surveys and 'find and fix' can be provided, as well as treatment solutions to our client's prescriptions. ATM is currently engaged on several national and regional invasive weed treatment programmes on both river catchments and high-profile construction/flood prevention projects.


ATM offers supply and planting of aquatic and marginal vegetation, as well as aftercare and long term maintenance solutions to ensure landscape and filtration functions remain effective over the long term.


ATM currently hold several national and regional frameworks with the Environment Agency, Drainage Boards, Local Authorities and Managing Agents for all types of watercourse and waterbody management. Our diverse skills base encompasses water specific training and our plant and equipment is appropriately equipped with bio oils and other measures to mitigate its use in riparian, fluvial and tidal environments.

Vegetation Management

Leading vegetation management provider utilising cost-effective innovative solutions across the UK

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