ATM is proud to provide both comprehensive and practical solutions for all types of soft and hard landscaping and has the capability to deal with all the aesthetics and environmental issues involved in these operations. Our projects have ranged from industrial reclamation, mass planting schemes, small scale planting and street trees in urban locations. Over the last year we have planted half a million trees and shrubs, these range from specimen trees to transplants in diverse locations including highway corridor, parks and industrial sites.

Grass and Wildflower Seeding

Our award winning seeding projects include highway verges, ponds and embankments. We also have hydro-seeding capability which enables us to reach difficult, steep and inaccessible sites, as well as bespoke solutions for extreme gradients, living walls and other harsh environments.

Tree and Shrub Planting

Soft landscaping in a huge variety of applications and land uses is delivered by our qualified and experienced teams. Our specifiers can offer advice on the appropriate ground preparation and amelioration and our fencing department can assist with boundary solutions and appropriate protection.

Woodland Planting

Re-forestation projects, upland planting for catchment management, native woodland planting, habitat creation, natural forest, carbon capture and mitigation planting, screen planting, all contribute to our annual tree and shrub planting services. In our 40 years, ATM has been responsible for a huge hectarage of woodland planting, establishment and associated aftercare.

Hard Landscaping

ATM has huge experience in the construction of hard landscapes, from the original construction of the Tees Barrage Watersports centre, to the construction of car parks, roads and extensive footpath networks for the Yorkshire Water Estate. This includes acting as Principal Contractor for high value and longer duration schemes for many of our clients.

Landscape Maintenance

ATM offers holistic and site specific maintenance solutions for residential, commercial and industrial green space, as well as soft estate on our infrastructure. Long term regimes or short term remediation / improvements can be specified / priced by our experienced estimating team and executed by our regional operations team.

Civil Engineering

ATM offers a broad spectrum of expertise dedicated to the construction, maintenance, and management of infrastructure and public works projects, including provision of temporary works, access points, site compound facilities, culverts and other crossings.

Landscape Maintenance

Leading landscape maintenance provider utilising cost-effective innovative solutions

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