23rd November 2021

Kidz Konnekt

In Early November, one of our Northern Contract Manager’s Matt Harston and Operative Ryan Thackwray visited Southbank Community Primary School in Middlesbrough, where ATM donated various logs to assist staff and children create an outdoor learning space, with the help of Kidz Konnekt charity.

Kidz Konnekt is a project working with schools and young people in Redcar and Cleveland. The project aims to develop local greenscapes through conservation and exploration of these spaces.

The development of the green spaces is mainly within the schools, building up diversity of wildlife in the school grounds.

Kidz Konnekt have helped Southbank Community Primary build a meadow area within the grounds of the school, which has been planted with trees and shrubs, along with a wildlife pond and Habitat bug hotels, creating a wonderful space for outdoor learning.

Along with our donation of logs, ATM were also able to provide:

8 x Bird Boxes

2 x Bat Boxes

1 x Bird Table

The inclusion of the logs, Bird Boxes, Bird Table and Bat boxes will help to make the area richer with wildlife for the children to experience.

The young people who helped on the day, are part of the 'Rights to Respecting Council' and they were fantastic, helping to carry the logs across the school yard to the outdoor learning space.

It was great to spend time with them and they asked some brilliant questions about Bats and Bugs and Birds.

Some quotes from the children that stood out:

'This looks great, I can't wait to learn outside'

'These logs are heavy'

'It's nice of other people to help us'

We hope to stay linked to Kidz Konnekt going forward, so we can donate more items to other schools in their program.

Visit their website for more information on the charity and to stay Konnekt-ed!