11th July 2024

What is Landscape Maintenance?

So, what is landscape maintenance? In short, landscape maintenance is the comprehensive care and management of extensive outdoor spaces such as open green areas, business parks, campuses and more.

Landscape maintenance is vital as it ensures these areas remain aesthetically pleasing, safe, and functional, contributing to the overall image and sustainability of the property. 

Key Elements of Commercial Landscape Maintenance

Lawn and Turf Management: For large expanses of grass, regular mowing, aerating, fertilising, and weed control are essential. These tasks ensure that lawns and turf areas remain green, healthy, and visually appealing. Proper management also includes irrigation system maintenance to ensure efficient water use across vast areas.

Seasonal Clean-up and Preparation: Preparing large landscapes for seasonal changes is crucial. This includes leaf removal, debris clearance, and winterising plants and irrigation systems in autumn, as well as preparing the grounds for new growth in spring.

The importance of Landscape Maintenance

Enhanced Aesthetic Appeal: Well-maintained landscapes create a positive first impression and enhance the visual appeal of commercial properties, contributing to a professional and welcoming environment.

Environmental Sustainability: Proper landscape maintenance practices support environmental sustainability by improving air and water quality, supporting local biodiversity, and reducing the urban heat island effect.

Safety and Accessibility: Ensuring that outdoor spaces are safe and accessible is paramount for commercial properties. Regular maintenance helps prevent hazards such as overgrown paths, fallen branches, and poorly maintained walkways.

At ATM, we specialise in providing comprehensive landscape maintenance services for large-scale commercial projects. Contact us today to learn more about how our landscape maintenance services can benefit your large-scale commercial project.