7th June 2021

Aylestone Park Association

This weekend, the South West team were at Aylestone Park in Hereford, delivering some Holly Bushes and Honeysuckle plants, that we have happily donated to enhance and enrich this already fantastic, green space.

Aylestone Park is on the northern boundary of Hereford city and extends to some 47 acres of Public Open Space, with 300m of canal running along the northeast edge.

The Park has three distinct areas known as the “conservation” area on the upper area of the park, the “recreation” area and orchard on the hillsides and the mostly flat “sports” area.

The whole area is maintained, almost exclusively, by Volunteers.

These volunteers constructed over 5 km of stoned footpaths on the Park, two view-points and a number of picnic areas during the past 18 years.

Kudos to all involved in this wonderful community project!