29th October 2021

Woodland Plot Thinning

Working on behalf of National Highways, ATM have been contracted by Maintenance & Response Managers CHC, to carry out woodland plot thinning for management and biodiversity.

Various Tree plot thinning work has been undertaken, along with ongoing fencing work within Area 14 in the North East of England.

The work was completed, as some trees were overhanging customers’ gardens, as well as a requirement for Coppicing Hazel for management and regeneration.

Coppicing is a traditional method of woodland management which takes advantage of the fact that many trees make new growth from the stump or roots if cut down.

In a coppiced wood, young tree stems are repeatedly cut down near ground level and the new growth used for traditional woodland products such as fencing stakes and ‘heatherings’, the binders used along the top of laid hedges are produced in a hazel coppice.

When managed in this way, the age of a tree can be extended, creating a self-renewing source of timber.

Here is our Green Climber LV600 with mulching head in action, controlled remotely by one of ATM’s skilled Operatives.