7th April 2022

Strategic Road Network Vegetation Management

Under a full road closure on the strategic road network for South West Highways, ATM’s Southern team recently completed overnight work, carrying out vegetation management of encroaching trees. 

Here we utilised a JS14 Long Reach excavator with tree grapple saw attachment. This enabled us to safely remove trees from difficult to access terrain along a highway.

Using these techniques allows us to avoid the conventional hazards associated with climbing and chainsaw use.

Supporting operatives were engaged in ensuring safe working zones were employed throughout the works.

The work was planned and undertaken in two phases, in the first phase we cleared the tree line between the carriageway and outbuildings and exposing the largest and most challenging trees.

Phase two of work involved the removal of a group of Cupressus x leylandii and the chipping on site using our Greentec whole tree chipper, fed via a second excavator.

The chippings were directly fed into bulk containers and sent on for biomass fuel by a licenced carrier.

Thanks as always to our trusted supply chain partners.