2nd June 2021

Electric Sprayer Efficiency

Our Contract Managers have been talking to ATM Operatives on the ground, about the amounts of spraying we undertake in the South West, particularly with regards to fatigue and efficiency of the machinery.

The information below, is from one of our team members and included are a few pictures of the team spot treating for weeds, on a wildflower area on the A36 near Warminster, for Highways England.

The electric sprayers are able to keep a constant pressure whilst spraying, meaning the target plant is evenly covered during spot or blanket spraying. Having to pump the pressure on a normal non-electric sprayer is quite an arduous task and does not guarantee an even spray on the plant.

Unlike our mechanical sprayers, the electric sprayers have an enhanced trigger mechanism. The chargers for the battery sprayers are easy to use and the battery lasts over 12 hours.

The weight of any full 15L sprayer is often a strain for the Operatives, however the electric sprayers displace the weight evenly across the straps, making it feel light and easy to work with.

A potential downside is that the empty weight of the electric sprayers makes them a touch heavier, as they have the extra electrical equipment stored neatly at the bottom, but this is displaced evenly as stated above, so does not pose much of a disadvantage.

In conclusion, the electric sprayers are a huge improvement to mechanical sprayers.