23rd April 2021

Blue Star Excellence & Green Climber Success

Each month, Blue Stars are awarded for going above and beyond best practice, in Health, Safety and Wellbeing on Costain sites.

This month, three of the Blue Stars were awarded to A1 Scotswood to North Brunton projects, for Eave Hearing Protection systems, ATM robotic plant and the Virtual Reality equipment within the offices.

This is an incredible achievement and really highlights the good work that everyone is doing and we are extremely proud to be part of the collaborative Costain successes.

ATM Ltd have been pleased to be a part of a Major road-widening scheme in the North East for Costain.

We have been providing solutions for tree and vegetation clearance on the A1, Jn 74 to Jn 79 Scotswood, so that the scheme can be dynamically designed to minimise the environmental impact & keep the number of trees removed to a minimum.

Machinery involved thus far, has been 14 ton Excavators C/W Tree Shears and Tracked Whole Tree Chippers, but our new Green Climber LV800 has been one of the stars of the show in helping Costain to achieve one of its recent 4 Blue Stars for innovation.

The remote controlled Tracked Mulcher has been a perfect solution for the project to clear bushes and small trees, as well as leaving a tidy finish. Such innovation takes the operator away from the machine & mechanises the process, to ensure a much safer operation.

Well done to everyone involved and keep up the most excellent work!