5th April 2023

ATM Creates a ‘Magic Garden’ Play Area at St. Theresa’s Catholic Primary School

ATM recently took a break from their busy schedules to create a 'magic garden' play area at St. Theresa's Catholic Primary School in Leeds. This initiative was part of our Social Value program, which focuses on giving back to the community.

The play area was created with the help of Green-tech, who kindly donated soil for the project. The aim of the project was to provide a fun and safe space for the children at St. Theresa's to play and explore nature. The following features were built as part of the project by our team of volunteers: 

Willow Tunnel/Dome 

A beautiful wigloo was built to provide an enchanting entrance to the garden. This feature also provides a natural shaded area for the children to play in.


To create a sense of privacy and seclusion, 240 privets were planted around the perimeter of the garden to screen it off from the rest of the school.


A pond was created in the top end of the garden, providing a tranquil water feature for the children to enjoy. Decking and fencing was erected around the pond to ensure safety. 

Den Area 

A den area was created using natural materials, such as branches and logs. This area is perfect for the children to play in and use their imagination. 

Raised Planters 

Raised planters were hand weeded and filled with topsoil, ready for the pupils to plant with vegetables.

ATM’s contribution to St. Theresa's Catholic Primary School is a fantastic example of how businesses can make a positive impact on their local community. The 'magic garden' play area will provide a fun and safe space for children to play, learn about nature, and engage in imaginative play. 

Our Social Value program is an important part of our overall mission, which is to make a positive impact on the world. By taking action and giving back to the community, we’re aiming to demonstrate that businesses can be a force for good. 

We’re delighted to have created a beautiful and functional space that will provide joy and learning opportunities for generations to come.

The nursery team at St Theresa’s said:

“We just want to say a huge thank you to everyone involved with the work carried out in our Nursery Magic Garden. To say we are overwhelmed is an understatement! The opportunities you have provided for our youngest children in the school is just incredible. The children will develop their physical, social, and emotional skills in a natural, safe environment providing opportunities for them to gain a better knowledge and understanding, and hopefully respect for their world"