22nd June 2023

ATM and Ringway Transform Local Primary School

At ATM, we believe in the power of social value and the positive impact businesses can make in their communities. Our recent collaboration with Ringways, aimed at expanding Carleton Rode Primary School’s outdoor learning space, provided us with a unique opportunity to contribute to a worthy cause while fostering environmental awareness.

When Ringway approached us with their vision to enhance their learning environment, we were thrilled to lend a helping hand. We recognised the importance of supporting education and saw this as a chance to leverage our expertise and resources for the benefit of the students.

Working hand in hand with the school, we embarked on a journey to turn their ideas into a reality. Together, we helped to accomplish the following:

Mulch: Four pallets worth of mulch were laid, ensuring a safe and visually appealing surface for outdoor activities.

Forest School Seating: A designated seating area was constructed, designed specifically for forest school lessons, enabling students to immerse themselves in nature and deepen their understanding of the environment.

Den Building Posts: Sturdy posts were installed, providing a foundation for the children to unleash their creativity and construct imaginative dens, fostering teamwork and imaginative play.

Sunflower Raised Beds: Raised beds were created brimming with vibrant sunflowers, cultivating an inviting space that would ignite the children's curiosity and love for nature.

Wildflower Matting: To enhance biodiversity, the team installed wildflower matting, bringing a touch of natural beauty to the expanded learning area.

Mr. Wheater, the Deputy Head, expressed his awe at the transformed space, noting the excitement radiating from the students as they eagerly anticipated exploring their new environment. Rebecca Stodel, Chair of the Friends of Carleton Rode School, conveyed her heartfelt gratitude, emphasising that the children's aspirations had surpassed the school's fundraising capabilities.

Our support has been invaluable in making their dreams come true and elevating their learning space. The impact of our partnership would undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on the students, enriching their educational journey and nurturing their environmental consciousness.