21st July 2021

A14 Improvement Scheme

Ongoing works are being carried out by Highways England to transform the old A14 for local journeys in and around Huntingdon.

As part of the scheme, Highways England are handing responsibility for the old A14 around Huntingdon, over to Cambridgeshire County Council (a process known as detrunking), as it moves from being part of the major road network to becoming part of the local road system.

Before they do this, they will be carrying out finishing work to make sure that the road is in good condition.

ATM have been contracted to help on the project, with work involving the clearance of some safety critical trees, cutting the grass and vegetation management around road signs, ensuring their high visibility levels are maintained.

We even had an audience gather to watch the work in action!

The road was in an embargo area during the A14 Improvement Scheme and maintenance was not possible due to traffic maintenance restraints, but with the road now being prepared for handing to Cambridge Council, the maintenance work is well underway and progessing well.

Once complete, the scheme will: * Relieve congestion, cutting up to 20 minutes off journeys * Unlock local and national economic growth * Connect communities * Improve the environment in Huntingdon * Help to create a positive legacy for the region