25th April 2022

Axewoods Cooperative Log Bank

With the rising cost of living and a potential fuel poverty crisis looming, ATM have decided to act by partnering with Axewoods Co-operative in Devon.

Axewoods are a co-operative organisation that provide wood and services for charities and people in need.

Going forward, ATM will be providing them with cuts and logs to help with replenishing their log banks and milling operations.

View the milling in action on their YouTube channel.

The East Devon Log Bank is an initiative to make dry, seasoned logs available free of charge to local people who struggle to keep their home warm during Winter – just like a Food Bank.

Timber is taken to the log bank sites and stored for seasoning and processing.

Axewoods have recently opened two new Log Banks – one at Torbay Hospital in partnership with the Torbay NHS Trust, the other near Axminster to serve those in that area.

To read more about Axewoods Co-operative, click HERE.